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IoT Drive, Birdz's environmental IoT Platform, simplifies your whole IoT project. From connectivity to dashboard, including data payload decoding, smart rules to transform your raw data into actionable information, alarms and reports.
Asset Management, Accelero metering, Geographical tracking, Environmental Monitoring, Flood Monitoring, Noise Detection, Outdoor Air Quality, Smart Building Services, Building Comfort, Building Control, Energy Waste Identification, Hot Water System, Indoor Air Quality, Presence Detection, Smart Mobility, Parking Place Detection, Traffic Counting, Smart Streetlight, Light Point Control, Streetlight Cabinet Control, Waste Collection, Filling Level Detection, Waste Container Access Control, Waste Demand Button, Water Management, DMA Water Meter, Fire Hydrant Monitoring, Flow Meters, Leak Detection, Water Clapets, Water Metering, Water Pressure, Water Quality Monitoring
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North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, South Asia, Oceania, North Asia
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1.80 /device/year
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Bruno Hamamlian
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